integrates measurement, optimisation and incentivisation

to contribute to reduce overall energy consumption and CO2e
of ICT services when provided by expected future ICT ecosystems.

Objectives &


EXIGENCE is committed to reducing the overall energy consumption and carbon-footprint of ICT service delivery. Contrary to existing approaches, which address individual domains, EXIGENCE takes on the behemoth by improving the energy consumption and considering the type of energy sources used by not only the individual tenants in each heterogeneous domain of the ICT value chain but the energy/carbon footprint of the entire ICT ecosystem. The project will conceive a system and define suitable metrics and inter-domain data exposure means for assessing end-to-end ICT service delivery.



From 3 - 6 June 2024, several EXIGENCE partners will be at the EuCNC & 6G Summit in Antwerp, Belgium.
In the global pursuit of sustainability, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) often stands out as a beacon of hope, promising innovative solutions to mitigate environmental challenges. However, amidst the celebration of ICT’s potential, there lies a significant yet overlooked issue: the carbon footprint of the technology itself.
Under the project name EXIGENCE, a consortium of 10 partners from the ICT value chain has embarked on an ambitious journey of 30 months to verifiably improve the net energy consumption and, with it, the carbon footprint of ICT services in the context of next-generation mobile systems (6G).
Project Coordinator Rita Campos presented an overview of EXIGENCE during the SNS Call 2 project introduction webinar. Watch the replay here.